Big Boss Man DiLo Day #9 of my Liquid Diet/Detox Transformation 7-15-14

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Road Rat Edmonton says:

(⌐■_■)✌…Good luck…Hoorah

BigBossMan Dilo says:
Dom says:

Keep it up big guy!

Cpl Dwayne Hicks says:

Awesome very kind man keep it up bigbossman.

TacoBay07 says:

Your doing great man :)

Pepper Ferguson says:

WTG!!! Great weight loss! I’m sub #98!

Rocky and Rich Daily Vloggers says:

<3 Rocky

Ed's Corner says:

You are truly an amazing man! You’re doing so great with your weight loss
and that is so awesome what you’re doing when you hit 100 subs! Keep up
the amazing work! You’ve got this! 

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