Big Boss Man DiLo Day #4 of the Liquid Diet/Detox Transformation 7-10-14

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Rocky and Rich Daily Vloggers says:

LOL @ look at that yummy thing…I mean me.
I was doing a smoothie in the morning for awhile…need to get back to
It was protein powder, coconut milk, banana, peanut butter and
spinach…man that was good.
That’s what you gotta do. Stay focused. Key is to if you fall off the wagon
to get right back on. Congrats on the weight loss so far!
I lost just over 150 pounds.
<3 Rocky

BigBossMan Dilo says:
John DiLorenzo says:

Good job 

GibbMeisterXB1 says:


Cellophane Man says:

Hell yeah I comment! lol. I always have something to say, for better or
worse! You got this, brotha. Nothin’ is going to derail the Boss Man!

Eat4JesusRICK says:

Keep it up! You are doing great.

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