Big Boss Man DiLo Day #3 of the Liquid Diet/Detox Transformation 7-9-14

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NewWaveFan1 says:

Damn doctors offices….

BugSplat says:

1:08- NOPE! Doctors only care about #1! lol
1:25- Sweating is GOOD for you, but yeah it sucks:)
3:05- You mean Anti-Oxidants, grapes are high in Anti-Oxidants also!
6:05- They also have Dill, Barbecue, and Spicy Nacho Flavored seeds. XD
We’re proud of you too Pops! Show us videos of all your shake recipes

BigBossMan Dilo says:
Ralph. K says:

Detox is hard to start with man, don’t give it up you will feel great by a
week or two, Blueberries are good antioxidants.. Gets easier when you see
results ask your Doc about natural Spirulina tablert it a great natural
multi vitamin Google about it.. Good luck.

White Latifah says:

good job hun,, the doc thing is nuts

GamingBeautyXO says:

ughhh…30 minutes of driving and you’re stuck in traffic? i’d be
frustrated all day. sorry to hear that!

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