91 Day Challenge Update and Operation No More Belly Jelly (#NoMoreBellyJelly)

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Shanda Renee says:

Operation Thunder Thighs for me will be more walking and juicing. Thumbs up
for the belly jelly shot, I am admire you so much and appreciate what you
are doing to help me with my own journey.

Donna Peters says:

I appreciate this video, so brave! When you make a juice how long can you
store it? Should you put it in a mason jar?

Green Is The New Lean says:
Brianna Gonzales says:

I just purchased my Nurtibullet 900 series, I have been looking at getting
a juicer for some time but when I came across this unit I thought it might
actually be better (and cheaper!). I am going to follow the three phase
program that is included. Super excited and looking forward to the next 91
days, not really but I know it will be worth it! haha

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