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NUTRIBULLET RX VS NUTRI NINJA AUTO IQNutribullet RX vs. Nutri Ninja Auto IQ written by: Tburnett The nutrients your body requires is available in most of the common fruits and vegetables. To get these nutrients you require a reliable extractor. With numerous products in the market for this purpose, Nutribullet RX vs. Nutri Ninja Auto IQ is a review on both products to provide with ideas on selecting the best extraction appliance that will ensure you get all the nutrients in your fruits and vegetables.

Here are some basic things to seek out for:

1. Nutritional extraction

Fruits and vegetables contain numerous nutrition while in their natural state. An example is chlorophyll a component mostly known to give plants their green color. This is an essential component for the human body that provides the body with neutralizations of free radicals and elimination of toxins within the body. Both blenders have capacity to ensure the nutrients are fully extracted and hence a chance to get them to your body with ease.

2. Performance

The ability of a blender to deliver and extract the required nutrients fully is the most important factor. In comparing Nutribullet RX vs. Nutri Ninja Auto IQ, this is a factor that both blenders are well tailored for. They have ability to crush all products to the smallest possible particles and in such way ensure the nutrient extraction is done to the fullest. In such they are high performing appliances that are ideal for home use whether in preparation of family juices or when preparing specially for health or medical needs.

3. Recipes

Blenders are created to function with a variety of food products. However majority are not well equipped to handle all the available and required fruits or vegetables. Nutribullet is known for its superb performance in blending fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, Nutri Ninja Auto IQ is known to handle a wider range of foods and hence more ideal for home use.

4. Power consumption

While choosing appliances, the impact on power bills is a major consideration. Both blenders are electrically powered and this means they have an impact on the bill. However, for both the power consumption is so little to count when choosing the ideal blender to use. Considering the health benefits, the power consumed is of little or no significance.

5. Ease of use and customer support

You do not require to have a blonder where a technician must be consulted whenever it has to be used. In this regard, Nutribullet RX vs. Nutri Ninja Auto IQ performs well. Manufacturers of the two brands provide with a supportive customer support program where all problems are addressed accordingly. This comes alongside an easy to follow manual that is provided to ensure you get to enjoy the blender acquired right from the moment it lands in your house without the need for a technician. A review platform is also available where you can share experiences with other users and in such way benefit more from the blender.


Bad eating habits and use of synthetic products are highly attributed to the rise of chronic health conditions. Using natural products with high nutritional values not only makes the body healthy but as well adds life and taste to any meal prepared. In comparing Nutribullet RX vs. Nitro Ninja Auto IQ you realize that both blenders have the capacity to handle and provide with the best extracted nutrients for the best health.



antonio artigas says:


CheapSushi says:

I like your vids man but the intro whoosh sound is WAAAY too fucking loud
compared to the rest of the audio. 

Thamer Alkhatib says:

How about more lifting and less blender shit

mrReccie says:

You should also check out the Nutri Ninja Duo with auto iq, had mines about
3 weeks now. Same size glasses but also comes with the pitcher, and 1500
watts, Had the nutri bullet rx, but took it back after 4 days because the o
ring kept coming off, came off in my smoothie, love the duo!

SCS Powerlifting says:

I want to see the ice challenge between the two, thanks for the info!!

Luquan Shumate says:

Do you take bcaa? If so try pro bcaa by on

Taylor Elaine says:

This is not really a sufficient review. Thanks for the effort but this
didn’t help at all. The infomercials for both units were better at it than
you. No hate, I love your videos but this wasn’t helpful at all.. Total

SWTLaughinLivinLovin TV says:
MrBarlowworld says:

Got a question for you I work out at 11:30 at night what should I take
after I’m done with my workout whey protein isolate are casein protein 

threedabs glenn says:


Sharalyn Edgeberg says:

I read that the NutriBullet’s blades broke and put metal into their
smoothies. Sounds dangerous.

Donna Gordon says:

Just ordered the Nutra Ninja Duo. Looking forward to making the smoothies.

KigerStrength says:

great vid! just followed u on insta

RackboyzFitness says:
melzfit says:

Can you blend kale with the nutri or the ninja?

Barbi Jo Mcgill says:

Ive had the original bullet for a long time , works great and got me
started on my vegan journey and it still works . I got the rx for Xmas last
night and it is super nice . I have had wonderful luck with bullet and I am
a very heavy user , sometimes twice a day . I put ice in the original with
no problem at all and I like these much , much more than ninga !!!

Freedom Williams says:

next time use a strainer to show which one is smoother. what are your
pros and cons after use and purchase?

Colin DeWaay says:

Man they should seriously be paying you for this stuff!

MrBarlowworld says:

Thanks bro

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